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Wildlife Management in Georgia and Tennessee by Allgood Pest Solutions pest solutions

Wildlife Management

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Allgood Pest Solutions’s Nuisance Wildlife Management Program is designed to capture and remove various mammals and reptiles and to prevent future entry into a structure or property. Our program focuses on those two dozen wildlife species of mammals, birds and reptiles that are more likely to come into conflict with people. Species might include skunks, raccoons, squirrels, crows, gulls, sparrows, moles, woodpeckers, opossum, and snakes.




Why Choose Allgood Pest Solutions?

When you need protection from pests, you can count on Allgood Pest Solutions.  Here’s a few reasons why:

  • We are QualityPro Certified
  • We are ranked the 29th largest pest control company in the US
  • We offer the Allgood Pest Solutions Repair Warranty- 100% Guarantee against any damage while under warranty- no deductible
  • We guarantee results or we’ll come back and make it right
  • We employ long-term, well-trained professionals

Wildlife Exclusion

This is usually the best answer for wildlife problems in urban or suburban settings. Typical examples include squirrels or bats in an attic or raccoons in a chimney. First, our technicians chase, trap, or remove the animal from the building, then they seal all possible entry points with materials such as lumber, steel flashing, hardware cloth, mortar, or a chimney cap.

Humane Live Trapping

Allgood Pest Solutions uses traps that capture, but do not injure or kill the animal. A typical live trap is a wire cage with an overhead door at one or both ends. Our technicians select traps appropriate for the species involved, and we are sure to obtain permits for trapping where required. We strive to release the animal back into the wild away from residential areas. Contact Allgood Pest Solutions now to learn more!

Why do I have an animal problem?

Just like pests, wild animals are looking for three things: food, water, and shelter. If they think your building can provide those three things, animals will go anything to get inside! When the weather in Georgia and Tennessee starts to cool in the late fall, a variety of wildlife may decide that your home seems like a nice place to spend the winter months. These average things can make your property very attractive to certain wild animals:

  • Bird feeders
  • Gardens
  • Unsecured trash cans

How does wildlife get inside?

Wildlife, including squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and even skunks, can get inside a building in several different ways. Once inside, they will hide and nest behind walls, in attics, and in crawl spaces, causing destruction by gnawing on your property. Some of the most common entry points for animals are:

  • An unsecured chimney
  • Small openings around windows and doors
  • Spaces around pipes and utilities entering your house
  • Holes around roof eaves and vents
  • Loose planks in outbuildings

Signs of wildlife in your property

There are several ways that a wildlife problem becomes obvious. Squirrels are large rodents, so if they are living in the attic or behind the walls, you will be able to clearly hear them scampering and running around. If rodents or wildlife have been living in your home for some time, you will start to smell the strong odor of their urine. You may also find droppings throughout your home, or chewed food packages in kitchen and pantry areas.

How does Allgood Pest Solutions get rid of wildlife?

The best way to quickly and completely get rid of an animal problem is with the help of a wildlife control expert. These trained professionals know exactly how to remove animals from your home without harming them or your property. They will take the necessary steps to prevent re-infestation. At Allgood Pest Solutions, our nuisance wildlife management program is available to help you with all your animal removal questions, concerns, and needs. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse – contact us today for a free inspection.

Customized Pest Control Plans

There is no single off-the-shelf solution for every pest problem. Each Allgood Pest Solutions plan is tailored to the specific needs of our individual customers. We take the time to understand the challenges pests present to your property and to determine how to gain the best results while working with your family’s schedule.

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