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Bed Bugs And Your Summer Vacation | Allgood Pest Solutions

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Summer is only days away. You’re already seeing the signs in the weather forecast, it might even feel like summer is already here. Are you planning a summer getaway? Maybe a trip to the amusement park or perhaps you’re planning on sinking your toes into a the sand and not budging for a few days. Whatever your plans, vacation is a time to relax and recharge your battery. It can also turn into a disaster if you find that you brought bed bugs home.

For many pest control companies across the country, calls about bed bug infestations increase during the summer months. That’s because people are traveling more and that means they are increasing their chances of encountering bed bugs.

Here at Allgood Pest Solutions, our Tennessee pest control experts are here to help make sure that you’re not making a bed bug SOS call this summer. Listed below are some helpful tips to help prevent bed bugs from coming home with you as a summer vacation souvenir.

  • When traveling and spending time in airports, train stations, or bus stations keep bags, coats, and suitcases up off of the floor. Inspect your seats for signs of bed bugs or actual live bed bugs in the cracks or crevices of seats.

  • Before booking your hotel research it for incidences of bed bugs and read the reviews from other customers.

  • At the accommodation you choose, conduct a thorough inspection of the bed. Pull back sheets to inspect seams, search the box spring for blood, excrement and bugs.

  • Inspect furniture in the room too. This includes sofas, chairs, nightstands etc.

  • Keep your suitcase up off of the ground and keep items that are not being used in sealed plastic bags.

  • When returning home, do not bring your suitcase or bags inside. Rather unpack in the garage or even driveway.

  • Wash all clothing in the hottest temperature the fabric will permit.

  • Vacuum out and wipe down your suitcase before storing it.

Though bed bugs are not a threat to your health or your home, they are a very stressful pest problem and can be difficult to eradicate. A single, pregnant female can become a major infestation quickly. Be proactive before, during and after your trip and keep an eye out for these bugs.

If you suspect that bed bugs may have arrived home with you, contact Allgood Pest Solutions for help. Our trained bed bug control experts will inspect your home and treat for bed bugs if detected. We offer a few options in bed bug removal including bed bug heat treatment and will let you know what method of remediation would work best for your situation. Don’t stress about these biting insects this summer, give us a call instead.

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