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How Fall Affects Snakes In Rome, Georgia

November 14, 2016

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Have you been seeing lots of snakes around your property? It isn't surprising. Temperature has a big impact on snakes. And this is the time of year when snakes will be on the move in Rome. Here's how it works.

When it is too hot, snakes like to hide. They will find shade under bushes, shrubs, vine covering, rocks, and other natural objects. They may even hide under objects left in your yard, like construction materials, toys, or an old car. This is because snakes are cold-blooded animals. Unlike warm-blooded animals, snakes are not able to regulate their temperature. If it is cold out, snakes are cold. If it is hot out, snakes are hot. Since it is not hot out right now, snakes are not spending much time hiding from the sun. In fact, it is common to find a snake sunning itself on a rock this time of year.

When it is too cold, snakes can die. This is why some more sensitive snake species are only found in the southern part of the state. But, those that can deal with colder temperatures still have to hide when it gets too cold. As the temperatures drop, snakes will burrow into the soil and slow their metabolism down to make it through the cold months. This isn't hibernation. It is a process called brumation. The major difference is, if temperatures warm up on any given day, a snake will start to move around. That is why it is not uncommon to see a snake warming on a rock, even in December.

When the temperature is just right, which is somewhere in the 70s, snakes will be quite active. That is probably why you've seen a snake, or heard someone mention that they've seen a snake. Fall in Rome, Georgia is the perfect temperature for many snakes. They don't have to hide from the sweltering hot sun or from freezing cold temperatures. And, when snakes get active, there is a greater chance for a bite to occur.

If you're seeing a snake on your property, be careful. We have many poisonous snakes in Georgia. Reach out to the wildlife control division here at Allgood Pest Solutions and have the snake removed safely by a professional. When you have professional assistance with your snake issue, you'll also get vital feedback about what type of snakes are in your area, and what conditions are present that may attract snakes to your property. By reducing attractants, you can increase the safety of your family, and anyone else who visits your property.

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