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Going Away For Christmas? Beware Of Bed Bugs

December 13, 2016

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Traveling for Christmas is so much fun, and it’s especially nice to get away from home once and awhile. You can enjoy time together with family and friends, while going to parties and enjoying all the food that goes with it. The sights and sounds can be spectacular this time of year, so enjoy it fully.

While you are traveling you will want to be bed bug savvy. Picking up a few of these annoying pests may seem harmless enough, but you might end up losing a lot of sleep over them. Bed bugs do not only frequent dirty and unkempt places; they don’t care about cleanliness at all. Bed bugs are simply looking for their food source - human blood - and an infestation can be miserable. Bed bugs can be found in many public places where people visit frequently like: hotels, hospitals, public transportation, libraries, movie theaters, and even private homes you are visiting. These little guys like to hide in mattresses, beds, bedding, carpets, furniture, and cracks and creases of all kinds. They catch a ride on your clothing, luggage, and other items you are carrying and end up traveling with you.

You may have a hard time recognizing a bed bug because they are so small, about 1mm in size. The nymphs are cream colored and even smaller and can fit through a pinhole. The adults are reddish-brown, oval, and have flat bodies, similar to that of a small apple seed that has legs. They do not generally carry diseases, but bed bug bites can get infected from excess itching and can cause many sleepless nights.

Here is a list of some signs of bed bugs in or around bedding and furniture:

  • Small blood spots on sheets, blankets, pillows, and mattresses

  • Tiny brown stains from droppings

  • Piles of exoskeletons

  • The bugs themselves

Then there are the red, itchy bed bug bites that appear in a linear or group pattern on the skin of humans and pets.

If you are staying in a hotel or inn that has signs of bed bugs, you should immediately remove your luggage and other items from the room and ask to be moved to a new room; or you will need to find alternate accommodations.

In the event you pick up and bring bed bugs home with you, washing your bedding and vacuuming will not eliminate the problem since these pests can hide in floors and walls too. You do not want the stress and anxiety of a bed bug infestation. Letting a professional pest control service eliminate the problem and give you peace of mind is the best approach. Serving Georgia and parts of Tennessee, the bed bug control specialists here at Allgood Pest Solutions will work to solve your nuisance pest problems efficiently, and quickly. Give us a call to see how we can help with your bed bug issues.

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