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Don't Invite Mice Into Your Home This Winter

December 16, 2016

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mouse found in rome home

If you have never had a mouse in your house, you can count yourself as one of the very few, or one of the very lucky. It also might be a case of being very wrong. Mice and other rodents are notoriously sneaky when they are trying to make your home their own. People here in Rome, as well as people in the rest of the country, can make a huge mistake by making their home inviting not only to friends, but also to these pests who are looking for food, water, shelter, and a warm spot to be.
Some people think these furry little creatures are awfully cute. That is until they find a drawer full of mouse droppings and a hole on the side of the sugar bag. As tiny and as innocent as rodents might seem, they make terrible roommates; and it is best to discourage them from moving in at all. You might think to yourself that there is no way a rodent can get into your home. Unless you have had your home inspected by a professional pest control company, you might find that they have plenty of access that your untrained eye can’t spot.
One of the most common ways that rodents might be accessing your home is through your foundation. Any crack in your cement or stonework can be a crack large enough for a mouse to get through and get into your basement. From there, they pretty much can gain access to the upstairs whenever they would like. Setting up housekeeping in the dark, rarely used basement is a great deal for a mouse. Food is close by and no one bothers you while you build your nest.
If you have a bilco door for your basement, this spot can give rodents perfect access to your home. There is frequently a gap between the doors or just underneath. A mouse needs the space to be only about the size of a dime to make use of this entry point.
Another way they might be getting into your home is through your gutter system. Mice are fantastic climbers and will quickly gain access to your roof and from there they will quickly utilize the vents in the attic or crawl space that you probably forgot were even there. This is another great hiding spot if you are a rodent. Not used and very warm, they wait for the opportunity to head down to the kitchen when the house is quiet.
When that rodent is on the roof, he might also find a way down your chimney. Whether there is no cap or the cap is damaged, a rodent will make short work of getting down to the fireplace without you being at all aware.
Because these pests can enter through the smallest of holes, mice are able to make their way into your home from the holes in your home for sewer and water pipes, as well as cable and electricity wires. It gives them direct access just like a highway to the parts of the house that you would least like them to be.
Once they are in, they are extraordinarily hard to get rid of. Frankly, you could have several of the little freeloaders before you even know that you have a single one. If you find evidence of a rodent population living in your home or garage, don’t take chances by trying to rid your home of them on your own. Give Allgood Pest Solutions a call and ask how one of our highly trained technicians can help you eliminate this threat to your family and show you how to prevent further infestation of your Rome property.

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