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Avoid Bed Bugs While Going Back To College

August 8, 2017

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father helping son get ready for college

As summer comes to a close, you may be saying goodbye to your college age kid(s). If so, it is important to take some time to discuss the problem of bed bugs with them. College campuses are at particular risk for bed bug infestations. Students come from all over the world to stay in campus housing. When they do, they can bring bed bugs with them. Here are some tips to help your kid(s) avoid bed bugs at college, and also, decrease the chances that those tormenting bugs will come back home with them.

Before Bed Bugs Appear

There are many ways to deter pests from coming into an area you don't want them to be in. Most deterrents are connected to a control of food, water, and harborage. Since bed bugs eat blood and draw the water they need from blood, the only way to deter them is to make it impossible for them to get into the place they love to hide most: beds. This can be accomplished by getting mattress and box spring encasements. But, bed bugs can hide in a lot of other places besides beds. So, the best way to avoid bed bugs is to do the following:

  • Learn to recognize a bed bug when you see one.

  • Learn to recognize the signs of bed bugs such as shed skins, brown blood stains, black droppings, black streaks, and tiny white eggs.

  • Keep clutter to a minimum. Rooms that are cluttered help these tiny bugs avoid detection.

  • Keep clothes off the floor to keep bed bugs from laying eggs in them.

  • Vacuum as often as possible. This could get a bed bug before it finds a place to infest.

  • Keep your bed up off the floor to make it a little harder for bed bugs to establish themselves.

If Bed Bugs Appear

  • Tell the RA so that appropriate measures can be taken. Bed bugs can travel between rooms. Reporting an infestation can stop it from spreading.

  • Vacuum even more frequently.

  • Wash clothing on the hottest temperature; often.

  • For added precaution, get encasements and install bed bug interceptors to put under bed legs.

These bugs are tormenting. They can lead people to do some desperate things to stop them such as spraying pesticides or attempting to kill them with heat. It is best to have a professional pest control technician deal with this problem in accordance with all guidelines and safety regulations.

As the problem of bed bugs continues to grow, there is a chance that you could get them in your Atlanta home, even if your college-age kids don't pick them up and bring them home. If you ever see bed bugs, or signs of bed bugs, reach out to Allgood Pest Solutions. Our team of highly trained pest professionals knows what is necessary to arrest bed bug infestations.

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