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carpenter ant crawling on water damaged wood

What's The Difference Between Carpenter Ants And Other Ants?

June 26, 2017

All ants are not created equal. In the ant world, there is one ant that is head and shoulders above the rest. And, although it has carpenter in its name, this ant doesn't fix anything. Here are some important ways carpenter ants are different from other ants, and why you should be aware of these differences.

technician performing mosquito treatment

Tips to Reduce Mosquito Harborage Areas

June 20, 2017

Take back your yard! Don’t you want to go outside and enjoy the sun again or the late night bonfires without the threat of mosquitoes? Of course you do. Chattanooga is the best place for outdoor fun and gatherings, but unwanted guests can spoil the fun too quickly. Stop giving mosquitoes a place to stay and make babies. To get rid of mosquitoes at the source, reduce their mosquito harborage…

fire ants near rome house

Are Fire Ants Dangerous?

June 16, 2017

When you think of summer fun, do you think of a feeling of cool grass on your feet, summer picnics in the park, and kids rolling down a hill, laughing hysterically? Well, nothing can ruin the outdoor fun in the grass like fire ants. It wasn't always this way. Haven't we always had fire ants in the United States? They were first discovered here in the 1940's. But since then, the insects are known…

tick crawling on knoxville resident

Knoxville Tick Protection

June 14, 2017

There is something exceedingly disturbing about a bug that bores into your skin, attaches itself for hours, and sucks your blood. No one likes finding a tick on them, whether it is attached or just crawling around. Ticks are creepy. But, sadly, that is not the end of it. Ticks are also responsible for causing dangerous illnesses like Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, tularemia, STARI, RMSF,…

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