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Wildlife Management

For most of us, “nuisance wildlife” means animals that are being destructive to property or menacing

Many unwanted encounters with wildlife can be explained with two words: food and shelter. Provide them intentionally or accidentally, and some wild animal will probably accept the invitation. Although it is not animals’ intent to be destructive or harmful, it is a fact that they cause damage to buildings and insulation, chew on wires, or hunt pets. Put up with these intrusions long enough and you’re likely to face costly repairs and feel the effects of sleep deprivation or anxiety.

raccoon trapped in an atlanta ga back yard

Say goodbye to your nuisance wildlife problem! 

Wildlife Covered

Allgood’s Nuisance Wildlife Management Program is designed to capture and remove various mammals and reptiles and to prevent future entry into a structure or property. Our program focuses on those two dozen wildlife species of mammals, birds and reptiles that are more likely to come into conflict with people. Species might include skunks, raccoons, squirrels, crows, gulls, sparrows, moles, woodpeckers, opossum, and snakes.

allgood tech patching a hole in an atlanta home

Wildlife Exclusion

This is usually the best answer for wildlife problems in urban or suburban settings. Typical examples include squirrels or bats in an attic or raccoons in a chimney. First, our technicians chase, trap or remove the animal from the building, then they seal all possible entry points with materials such as lumber, steel flashing, hardware cloth, mortar or a chimney cap.

raccoon caught in a trap in atlanta ga

Humane Live Trapping

When animals must be removed, Allgood recommends use of traps that capture, but do not injure or kill the animal. A typical live trap is a wire cage with an overhead door at one or both ends. Our technicians select traps appropriate for the species involved, and we are sure to obtain permits for trapping where required. We strive to release the animal back into the wild away from residential areas. Contact Allgood now to learn more!

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