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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes aren't just irritating pests that make you itch

They also are capable of spreading harmful diseases. With Allgood Pest Solutions, you can relax and safely enjoy your time outdoors.

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Buzzing, biting mosquitoes? Take back your yard!

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Mosquito Inspections

Our specialists inspect your property to determine potential sites that retain water, vital to mosquito breeding, and shaded areas, where adult mosquitoes rest. These sites include structural and natural areas, such as flat roofs, blocked or poorly drained rain gutters, drainage lines from air conditioning units, as well as landscape features including ditches, tree holes, heavy weeds or shrubs. In short, any place likely to hold water or shaded resting sites.

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Mosquito Treatments

As part of our comprehensive mosquito management program, we'll reduce breeding and resting sites, and implement a proper treatment program to control mosquitoes. Treatment methods work to prevent new mosquitoes from emerging and to cut down adult populations as well as establish barriers for ongoing mosquito reduction. Other mosquito treatment methods may also include fogging or sprays. Contact Allgood Pest Solutions today to learn more.

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