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Bed Bug Control

The bed bug problem

Bed bugs really do bite, and they've become a prevalent issue in many homes and businesses. They're hard to detect, so there's a good chance you could have a problem without even knowing it. They're also very difficult to control and simply throwing out the mattress will not get rid of bed bugs.

bed bug infested hotel room

Need a solution for bed bugs?

bed bug infestation in an atlanta ga home

Bed Bug Detection

Our highly trained professionals will detect and eliminate bed bugs. In fact, the number one way to avoid a significant infestation is to schedule regular inspections by professionals. The sooner you catch these bugs invading, the easier it will be to eliminate them.

bed bugs in a georgia hotel room

Bed Bug Treatments

Allgood’s bed bug treatment strategy focuses on exterminating bed bugs, not repelling them from one part of the house to another part or from one hotel room to another. Our program allows for complete bed bug control; we utilize conventional application measures as well as bed bug heat treatments that eradicate bed bugs in the infested areas, not allowing them to escape.  

woman bitten by bed bugs

Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

If you're waking up with itchy bites or have received complaints from customers, contact Allgood Pest Solutions.  We'll assess your situation and, if bed bugs are detected, work with you to get rid of these pests!

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