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Rodents – Rats & Mice Exterminators

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Georgia and Tennessee are hotbeds for rat infestations—the Atlanta metro area is consistently ranked in the top 15 most rat-infested cities in the country. Conventional wisdom states that if you see a rat, there’s half a dozen more you don’t see; given how fast rats can multiply, all it takes is a small crack in your siding or an open trash can out back for your home or business to be completely infested. Allgood Pest Solutions is the rodent control company you can count on to control and prevent rats and mice.




Why choose Allgood for rodent extermination?

When you need a rodent exterminator, you can count on Allgood Pest Solutions. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • We are QualityPro Certified
  • We are ranked the 29th largest pest control company in the US
  • We offer the Allgood Repair Warranty- 100% Guarantee against any damage while under warranty- no deductible
  • We guarantee results or we’ll come back and make it right
  • We employ long-term, well-trained professionals

Do you need mice and rat exterminators?

Because rats and mice can be hard to control, it’s important to enlist professional rodent exterminator service. There are two main types of rats in the Atlanta GA area to look out for:

  1. Roof rats are excellent climbers, so when they invade homes and other buildings they can typically be found in the upper parts of them, like the attic. They can be found commonly living around riverbeds, wharfs, and dock areas.
  2. Norway rats are not good climbers and therefore typically enter buildings through basements. Outdoors, they can be found living in fields, farmlands, and in woodpiles.

Allgood Pest Solutions – a rodent control company you can trust

Getting rid of rats from your property can be a difficult process. If you are experiencing problems with rats, contact the mice and rat exterminators at Allgood Pest Solutions today. We can quickly, efficiently, and safely remove rats from your property, help to identify how they are entering, and prevent future problems with rodents from occurring.

The importance of professional rodent exterminator service

You’ll rarely find just one mouse or rat, which is why it’s important to enlist the help of a rodent control company. Mice are mature enough to breed at age 5-8 weeks. In one year, female mice typically have eight litters, with 4-7 pups per litter. Rats can breed at age 8-12 weeks and have 4-6 litters of 8-12 pups per litter. Rodents need a constant source of food, water, and shelter in order to thrive, and all it takes is a small gap in your siding or underneath a door for them to begin nesting on your property!

The key to rodent extermination: inspect, interview & strategize

To determine the scope of your rodent problem and propose the most effective solution, the mice and rat exterminators at Allgood will conduct a thorough interview with you and inspect your property for areas where rodents are likely to nest and thrive. Our specialists will search for signs of a rodent infestation, and select the proper tools and techniques necessary to exterminate rodents from your property without endangering your family, employees, or the environment. Once target areas are established, our rodent exterminator team will recommend the use of either rodent traps, baits, or a combination of the two.

Customized Pest Control Plans

There is no single off-the-shelf solution for every pest problem. Each Allgood plan is tailored to the specific needs of our individual customers. We take the time to understand the challenges pests present to your property and to determine how to gain the best results while working with your family’s schedule.

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