Carpet Beetle


Actual Size: 1/8″ to 3/16″ long.

Characteristics: Variety of colors.


  • Carpet beetles feed on a variety of plant and animal fibers, including hair, dandruff, furs, wool, animals skins, book bindings, dry goods, and natural fiber clothing.


Why Are Carpet Beetles Often Mistaken For Bed Bugs?

It is common for people to think they have a bed bug infestation when really it is carpet beetles in their home. Carpet beetle larvae are attracted to mattresses because they feed on dead skin cells on them. As the larvae are feeding they may brush against a person sleeping and the bristles on their body can cause skin irritation in some people. When people wake up in their beds with what looks like “bites”, they assume the problem is bed bugs when in reality it is a carpet beetle infestation.

How Do They Enter My Home?

They enter into homes from the outside while foraging for food sources. They enter through spaces underneath exterior doors, through cracks in foundations, and through gaps around windows and doors. Also, they can be found on a variety of natural fibers and may be introduced into your home on already infested items.

Do They Cause Damage?

Yes, they can cause damage to carpets, clothing, and furniture when they feed on them. They can be particularly damaging to items that are being stored in attic and basement areas.

What Are The Signs Of Carpet Beetles?

Noticing signs of carpet beetles in your home can be difficult mainly because they usually hide in dark undisturbed areas of your home. This means that detecting an infestation usually doesn’t happen until it is large and widespread. Signs of an infestation include finding shed skin throughout your home, noticing holes in fabric items, and holes or tears in food packaging found in pantry areas.

How Do You Control Carpet Beetles?

Getting rid of carpet beetles from your home can be tough. Sealing openings in the exterior walls of your home, around windows and doors, and the foundation can help. You should regularly inspect pantry areas, stored clothing and linens, upholstery, and other items in airtight plastic containers, and regularly vacuum the carpeted areas of your home.

The best way to control carpet beetles and other common household pests from invading your home are with professional pest control services. Experts will be able to find all the areas in your home where they are hiding and eliminate them safely and quickly. At Allgood Pest Solutions, we can treat and control carpet beetles year-round with our residential pest control plans.