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Tree squirrels are common in areas like Georgia and Tennessee that have lots of trees. They are closely related to other rodents like chipmunks, prairie dogs, and ground squirrels. They have long bodies covered with short, thick fur, and bushy tails. Tree squirrels come in a variety of colors, from white to gray, red, and brown, with lighter-colored fur on their bellies. They are most active in the morning and early evening, and especially in fall, when they begin collecting and burying tree nuts for the winter.

Why do I have a squirrel problem?

Squirrels generally live outdoors, but if they manage to find a way inside your home, they can become a big problem. When the weather in Georgia starts to cool in the late fall, squirrels may decide that your home seems like a nice place to spend the winter months. They can also become problematic on properties that offer them easy access to food sources. These average things can make your property very attractive to squirrels:

  • Bird feeders
  • Gardens
  • Unsecured trash cans

How do squirrels get inside?

Squirrels can get inside a home in several different ways. Once inside, they will hide and nest behind walls, in attics, and in crawl spaces, causing destruction by gnawing on your home. Some of the most common entry points for squirrels are:

  • An unsecured chimney
  • Small openings around windows and doors
  • Spaces around pipes and utilities entering your house
  • Holes around roof eaves and vents

How do I know if I have squirrels in my house?

There are several ways that squirrels let their presence be known to homeowners. Squirrels are large rodents, so if they are living in the attic or behind the walls, you will be able to clearly hear them scampering and running around. If squirrels have been living in your home for some time, you will start to smell the strong odor of their urine. You may also find droppings throughout your home – squirrel droppings are oblong in shape and about the size of a raisin. While foraging for food, squirrels can chew through food packages in kitchen and pantry areas and damage pet food bags.

Are squirrels dangerous?

Yes, squirrels can be dangerous to both people and property. Squirrels can contaminate your home, food, and food prep areas with their urine and feces. They can introduce other parasites like mites, fleas, and ticks to your home and property. Like many other wild animals, they are carriers of rabies and other diseases that can be transmitted to people. Squirrels can damage wiring, pipes, drywall, and insulation by chewing on and through them. They can also destroy personal effects like pictures, books, and clothing as they gather items to create their nests.

How does Allgood Pest Solutions get rid of squirrels in Georgia?

The best way to quickly and completely get rid of a squirrel problem is with the help of a wildlife control expert. These trained professionals know exactly how to remove squirrels from your home without harming them or your property. They will take the necessary steps to prevent re-infestation. At Allgood, our nuisance wildlife management program is available to help you with all your squirrel control questions, concerns, and needs. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse – contact us today for a free inspection.

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