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What types of spiders are common in the Southeast?

There are three types of spiders that are commonly found in the Southeast; the brown recluse, black widow and house spider.

Brown Recluse Spider - These spiders are 1/3rd of an inch in length, are light to dark brown in color, and have long smooth legs. They have a telling dark-brown violin shaped marking on the top of their back. As their name suggests, they like to live in dark, quiet, recluse places, like garages, closets, boxes, and underneath of furniture. This species of spider is venomous.

Black Widow Spider – These spiders are an “oily” black color and have a red hourglass or similar shaped red marking on their backs. They range in length from 1/2 – 1 and 3/8th of an inch. Outdoors they can be found living under rocks, sheds, porches, or in woodpiles. Indoors, they seek shelter in cluttered areas like basements, crawl spaces, and attics. Black widow spiders are a venomous species of spider.

House Spider - House spider's are yellowish-brown in color with “chevron-like” markings on their off-white abdomen. Females are slightly larger than males and grow to be between 3/16-5/16th of an inch in length. House spiders are the most common species of spider to be living indoors. In order to catch prey, they constantly build, abandon, and re-build webs throughout the structures that they are living in (homes, garages, barns, sheds). These spiders are not dangerous to people and are considered to be nuisance pests.

Are brown recluse and black widow spiders aggressive?

No, they are not particularly aggressive. These spiders like to live in dark, enclosed places and generally only bite when they are startled or accidentally come into contact with a person. They want to stay undisturbed and unnoticed and therefore do not seek out contact with humans.

Why do I have house spiders?

House spiders often enter into homes to seek shelter and food sources during the cooler months of the year. They commonly enter through cracks and crevices in foundations, and through gaps found around windows and doors. They like to inhabit areas like garages, sheds, barns, basements, attics, and crawl spaces in order to be in close proximity to their food sources. A tell-tale sign that house spiders have invaded your home is seeing a large number of abandon webs strung throughout it.

Does Allgood Pest Solutions offer spider control?

Yes, Allgood provides spider control services. Our trained professionals will be able to correctly identify which species of spider has invaded your home and provide effective treatment services to eliminate them quickly and safely. If you are having problems with spiders in your home, contact Allgood Pest Solutions today!