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What are silverfish?

The silverfish is a small insect with a long, slender, flattened body. They have three long bristles coming off of their hind end. Silverfish measure from ½ to 1 inch in length. They are a light shimmery gray to blue color, and they move across surfaces in a fish-like way, which is how they received their name. They have no wings but can run very quickly. They are nocturnal and require very high humidity levels in order to survive. Silverfish do not hibernate and are active year-round.

Do silverfish damage property?

Yes, silverfish can damage property by feeding on different items throughout your home. They will feed on glue, clothing, paper, wallpaper and photos, along with dry goods, like flour, sugar, oats, and any other items that are high in starch or sugar.

Do silverfish bite?

No, although they are a bit creepy looking, silverfish do not bite or carry diseases. They are considered to be nuisance pests, but can contaminate your food sources as they feed on them.

Why do I have a silverfish problem? 

Silverfish are drawn to warm, dark areas with high humidity. They are often found in kitchen cupboards, basement, attics, in bathrooms, under sinks, and in laundry rooms. They are drawn to paper and can be destructive to items stored in cardboard boxes.

How can Allgood Pest Solutions help me control silverfish?

Allgood can help control silverfish through our customized year-round pest control services. With our home pest control programs in place, you can be sure that silverfish and other pests will be eliminated from your home. If you are experiencing problems with silverfish, contact the professionals at Allgood Pest Solutions today.

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