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Powder Post Beetles

What do powderpost beetles look like?

Powderpost beetles are generally reddish-brown in color and have a long thin-oval shaped body. Their head is not visible from above because it is hidden under the first segment of their body. Powder post beetles have an eleven segmented antennae ending in a distinctive two-segmented club. Their larva is off-white in color and grub-like. In our service area, there are 3 distinct types of powderpost beetle and they all look differently.

The Anobiidae beetle antennae have the last three segments of the antennae elongated, but not club-like in any way. They can range in color from red to black or even dark green.

The Lyctinae, whose head is visible from above and not hidden at all. Their antennae do terminate into a 2-segmented club. They range in color from reddish-brown to black.

The Bostrichidae, whose head is not visible from above, have antennae that terminate in a loose three or 4 segmented club. Colors again reddish-brown to black.

All three of these groups very greatly in size, create specific emergence hole sizes and can vary greatly in appearance. Not all, even within group, can be grouped to specific numbers of antennal segments.

Are they considered a nuisance pest or destructive?

Powderpost beetles are considered to be a destructive pest; they do not bite or sting people, but will destroy personal property. As their name suggest they can reduce wood into a pile of fine powder. Adult powderpost beetles do not cause damage. The larvae bore holes into wood to lay their eggs, the larvae then feed on the wood as they develop. When invading the structural wood of homes and other buildings they can weaken its structural integrity. Powderpost beetles can also damage personal items like books, pictures, furniture, and wood flooring.

How do powderpost beetles get inside?

Powderpost beetles often enter into homes when they leave their outdoor nesting areas to forage for food. They come in through cracks and holes in the foundation or exterior walls, along with gaps around windows and doors.

They may also accidentally be introduced into homes in furniture or other wooden items.

How can I prevent powderpost beetles?

Preventing powder post beetles can be a tricky task, but there are some things that you can do around your property to deter them. Seal any cracks or crevices in the exterior of your home, and caulk gaps around windows and doors. Powderpost beetles are active at night and are attracted to light so making sure to use yellow lights in outdoor fixtures can help to stop them from gathering around your home. It is also important to inspect wooden furniture for holes before bringing it into your home.

Can Allgood Pest Control get rid of powderpost beetles?

The best way to stop powderpost beetles and other common household pests from invading your home is with professional pest control services like the experts here at Allgood. We will find all the areas in your home where powderpost beetles are living and eliminate them safely and quickly. We can treat and control powderpost beetles year-round through our residential pest control plans.

For more information about how Allgood Pest Solutions can help control powderpost beetles in your home or business, contact us today!

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