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Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles

What Are Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles?

The multi-colored Asian lady beetle is a species of beetle that spends much of their time living on and on feeding trees, fruits, and other crops or plants; as their name suggests they are a native species of eastern Asia. This species of beetle is also commonly referred to as “lady bugs”. The wide variety of colors that they come in can confuse people and lead them to think that they are all different species, when in fact all the color and pattern varieties are the same multi-colored Asian lady beetle. They vary in both color and shade of color; yellow, red, and orange are the most common. Lady bugs will also have a varying number of spots, from zero to many and they have a very distinctive “M” shaped mark behind their head. Adults have a smooth, oval-shaped body that is domed; they grow to about 7mm in length.

Are They A Type Of True Beetle?

Yes, they are a species of true beetle and are part of the Coccinellidae family.

Do Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles Stink?

Yes, multi-colored Asian lady beetles do produce an odor that can be very offensive to some people. These beetles secrete a foul-smelling, yellow defensive chemical which along with being stinky, may cause unsightly marks to show up on walls and other surfaces.

Are Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles A Nuisance Pest Or A Destructive One?

Multi-colored Asian lady beetles are generally considered to be a nuisance pest. They do not sting, aren’t known to cause any serious health risks to people, and aren’t known to be destructive to personal property. If being directly handled or threatened these beetles may bite as a means of defense. Multi-colored Asian lady beetles are considered to be an agricultural pest and can cause damage to fruits and other types of crops. They can also invade homes in large numbers and once inside are extremely difficult to eradicate from your home without professional assistance.

Why Do Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles Come Inside?

Multi-colored Asian lady beetles happily spend their days outside; that is until the weather cools off and the temperature becomes too chilly for them to handle. In the late fall, these beetles can be found gathering in very large numbers, on the sunny sides of homes and buildings. They will make their way inside through cracks found in exterior walls and in the foundation. Inside they move to warm, safe locations to spend the winter- basements, attics, wall voids, crawl spaces, and under floors are all typical overwintering spots for multi-colored Asian lady beetles. In the spring when the temperature warms up to their liking they move back outside to begin feeding and breeding once again.

How Are These Bugs Controlled?

The best way to control highly invasive multi-colored Asian lady beetles and other common household pests from invading your home is with professional pest control services from Allgood Pest Solutions. Our experts will find all the areas in your home where lady bugs are hiding and eliminate them safely and quickly. At Allgood, we control lady bugs and other pests year-round with our home pest control programs.

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