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Box Elder Bugs

What are box elder bugs?

Box elder bugs are a species of insect that invade seed-bearing box elder trees and other seed-bearing trees like maple, apple and plum. They feed by sucking liquids from the seeds, shoots, and leaves of the plant.

Adults grow to be ½ of an inch in length and they have a flattened oval shaped body with a small narrow head. The box elder bug's body and wings are black and have reddish-orange markings outlining their wings, thorax, and sides.

Are they considered a nuisance pest or destructive?

Box elder bugs are mostly considered to be nuisance pests. They generally only cause significant damage to trees that they are invading if it is an extremely large infestation. They don’t pose any health risks. Even though it is very rare, they do have the ability to bite and will leave behind a reddish welt on the skin. Crushed box elder bugs and their feces, leave brown and orange stains on furniture, curtains, and upholstery inside of homes.

How do box elder bugs get inside?

They enter inside of homes and other buildings through gaps around windows and doors, cracks in foundations and exterior walls, and through tears in door or window screens.

Why do box elder bugs infest homes and businesses?

When the weather cools in the fall, box elder bugs flock to the sunny side of homes and businesses seeking warmth. They enter inside while searching for a dark secluded place to overwinter in. Box elder bugs can often be found overwintering in attics, crawlspaces, behind walls, and under floors.

How do I get rid of box elder bugs?

Getting rid of box elder bugs from your home and property can be tricky. Sealing openings in the exterior walls of your home and the foundation can help. It can also be beneficial to caulk gaps around exterior windows and doors, and by installing door sweeps.

The best way to control box elder bugs and other common household pests from invading your home is with a professional pest control services. Experts will be able to find all the areas in your home where box elder bugs are hiding and eliminate them safely and quickly. At Allgood, we treat and control box elder bugs year-round with our residential pest control plans.

For more information about how we can help control box elder bugs, contact us today!

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