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Marietta, GA
Pest Control Services

Marietta, Georgia has a reputation for offering a high-quality life for its residents. A bedroom community located just up Interstate 85 from Atlanta, many families and businesses call this place home. And just like any community that is thriving, Marietta has its fair share of pest problems. At Allgood Pest Solutions, we are a local pest control company that has a keen understanding of the pest pressures residents of Marietta face. Our experienced pest control specialists work hard to eliminate insects and rodents so that your family can enjoy a bug-free home.  

Allgood Pest Solutions 
1190 Kennestone Circle, Suite 130
Marietta, GA 30066



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September 4, 2017

Overwintering House Pests

Ironically many of the bugs that will be looking for a warm home to hunker down in for the winter months aren’t even native to The Peach State.  Stink bugs, Asian lady beetles, kudzu bugs, and boxelder bugs are a few of the pests… Learn More


February 15, 2017

Exclusion Services In Marietta

Here in Marietta, we have a wide variety of animals that come into our yards. They scramble up our trees, flutter through the air, scurry along the ground, bound across fence lines, slither around bushes and rocks, perch on tree branches, and more… Learn More

marietta pest control tech mike ethridge

Meet A Tech

Mike Ethridge
General Manager

I've been with Allgood for 7 years starting  as a PT Sentricon Tech. In 2009, I became a  FT Termite Supervisor  at our Cobb Branch, later promoted to GM of Rome in 2012 and am now the general manager of our Dalton/Chattanooga offices. 

I love working for Allgood because of the concern and support the owners have for their managers and all partners. They not only support your growth within the company, but also your personal growth as an individual. Also, Allgood is a great place to work because of the high value that is placed on providing excellent customer service. I'm a certified operator in WDO & HPC / Ga. Pesticide Contractor License for Mosquito.

What's my favorite pest?  That's easy, termites!

Fiancée / Future wife Amy South – Children ( All Daughters) Melissa, Christy, Jessica, Marie and Amber. Four Granddaughters, Brianna, Kensi, Reagan and Isabella. All girls also.

marietta pest control technician inspecting a home for pests

Residential Pest Control Solutions

We understand that your home is the center of your family and protecting it from damaging insects and rodents is a important.  When you partner with Allgood Pest Solutions, you can rest easy knowing we have you covered.  Our residential pest control solutions target 80+ house infesting pests including ants, cockroaches and mice.  We also offer comprehensive pest and termite control in one affordable plan. Contact us today to learn more about home pest control plans available in Marietta!

commercial facility in marietta infested with mice

Commercial Pest Control Services In Marietta

Allgood's commercial pest control team takes pride in helping clients maintain their reputation, which is why we offer a 24-hour quick response unit and schedule our calls around a client's normal business hours.  When you choose Allgood as your partner in pest management, you can count on superior pest control solutions and unmatched customer service.  One of the Southeast's most trusted pest control companies, we invite you to experience the Allgood difference!

termite control technician in marietta ga

Why Choose Allgood In Marietta GA

  • We focus on you, your specific pest control needs, and your schedule.

  • If you're not completely satisfied with the result of any service, we will return at no cost to you and make it right.

  • Your satisfaction is our number-one goal. 

  • Your comfort and confidence are how we gauge a job well done.