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Macon, Georgia has a strong musical heritage. Home to Otis Redding and other musical greats, the “Song and Soul of the South” attracts many visitors. It also attracts pests. Insects and rodents are a common problem in Macon and one that Allgood Pest Solutions understands well. With an office location right here in Macon, we take pride in delivering local pest control services that protect people and property.

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Meet A Tech

Brandon Jones
Sales Inspector

My name is Brandon Jones. I have been a Pest Control Technician for Allgood for over 4 years, recently promoted to Sales Inspector.

I enjoy working for Allgood because of the constant feedback and training. It allows me to perform my job better every day. My favorite pests to deal with are ants.

Outside of work, I am a father of two. I have a daughter (22) and a son (12). I enjoy watching and playing sports with my son as well as cooking.

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Cockroach Control In Macon GA

Cockroaches have a bad reputation but it is well deserved. They are a serious threat to human health and safety. Roaches carry salmonella, E.Coli and other bacteria so it comes as no surprise that they often contaminate food and areas where food is prepared. Cockroaches, or more specifically their feces and saliva, have been linked to asthma attacks. Here in Georgia, there are three types of roaches that are a problem – the German cockroach, the American cockroach and the Smokybrown. At Allgood Pest Solutions, we understand the risks associated with these pests and offer effective cockroach control services in Macon, Georgia. 

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Pest Control Services For Every Type Of Pest Problem

In addition to cockroach control in Macon, Allgood Pest Solutions also offers customized pest control programs for homes and businesses as well as targeted pest control solutions including:

Enjoy peace of mind, with Allgood Pest Solutions, the professionals in pest control in Macon, Georgia. 

Our services include: