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Saint Marys GA Pest Control Services

St. Marys is a majestic Georgia city that is rich with history that also happens to be the gateway to Cumberland Island National Seashore- Georgia coast’s largest barrier island. In a city with so much beauty and so much to see, something no homeowner wants to deal with is pests; and with Allgood Pest Solutions nearby, you won’t have to. Allgood Pest Solutions has the training and experience needed to treat any pest that decides to invade your St. Marys property in a safe and effective manner. Whether ants are trailing through your home, termites are feeding on its structural wood, or fire ants are posing a danger to you and your family, we can provide an answer!

Residential Pest Control Services in Saint Marys GA at Allgood Pest SolutionsHome Pest Control In Saint Marys GA

Did you know that putting a year-round home pest control program in place is one of the best things you can do for your home and for your own peace of mind? With a year-round pest control program in place you will no longer have to worry about pests- what they are, how they are getting in, what to do about them; and your home will be protected from all the damages that pests can cause!

Some of the many benefits of a continuous, year-round home pest control program include:

  • A home inspection to determine what pest problems are present and the extent of any infestations.
  • Treatment for any current pest issues.
  • Changes made around your home to help stop future problems.
  • Year-round preventative services.
  • The no-charge treatment of targeted pests if by chance any return between service visits.

At Allgood we understand that each home, family, and budget is different which is why we offer our St. Marys customers three pest control programs to choose from. Our programs include the basic yet highly effective Pest Free program, the comprehensive Pest Free Plus program, or our most inclusive program the Pest Free Total program. To see which one is the best fit for your needs give us a call and speak to one of our helpful professionals!


Termite Treatments In Saint Marys GATermite Control Services in Saint Marys GA at Allgood Pest Solutions

Termites are a very dangerous pest; they can inflict thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your St. Marys home before you are even aware that they are there. The best way to prevent your home from becoming victim to termites is to regularly schedule termite inspections. Allgood can provide a thorough termite inspection to help spot an infestation as quickly as possible. Once a termite infestation is discovered, we can provide an effective solution (The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System) that will not only get rid of your current infestation but one that will also stop future termites from choosing your St. Marys home to use as an all-you-can-eat free buffet.

The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is a super effective and economical way to handle any termite infestation on any St. Marys property. The Sentricon System involves placing bait stations (without any trenching or digging) around your home. The termites immediately begin feeding on the bait and bring it back to share with the colony. The bait causes growth to be disrupted therefore halting reproduction which will cause every single member of the colony to be eliminated.

Once your current infestation is eliminated, the system will remain in place where is it routinely maintained and monitored by our professionals to help prevent a re-infestation on your St. Marys property. Call us today to get started protecting your home from these highly dangerous and damaging pests!


Fire Ant Control in Saint Marys GA at Allgood Pest SolutionsSaint Marys GA Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are a very serious pest problem. In contrast to termites, they aren’t dangerous to the structure of your home, but they are very dangerous to the health and safety of you, your family, and your pets. Fire ants are not native, they are highly invasive, and live in extremely large colonies. Allgood Pest Solutions has two very effective products for our customers to choose from to treat fire ants on St. Marys’ properties.

The first option is ADIVON Bait; ADIVON Bait offers our customers a targeted approach to fire ant control. This highly effective product is applied twice a year to each individual fire ant mound that is found on your St. Marys property. The second option to choose from is TopChoice®. TopChoice® provides a protective barrier against fire ants on your property after it is applied to the top few layers of soil. This treatment option requires a once a year application of the product.


Choose Allgood For All Your Pest Control NeedsPest Control Technician in Saint Marys GA at Allgood Pest Solutions

When you choose Allgood for your home’s pest control needs you are choosing a company that has over 40 years of experience, and you are choosing a pest control company that treats each of its customers as if they are a part of an extended family.

Allgood Pest Solutions provides very effective solutions for pest problems; all solutions are extremely safe and environmentally friendly! All of our services are performed by our highly-trained, friendly, trusted employees; many of which have been with our company long-term. Our technicians are dedicated to ensuring that they communicate and work with you in order to make sure that all your pest control needs are met!

To find out why Allgood Pest Solutions is considered to be one of the Southeast’s most trusted pest control companies, contact us today. One of our professionals would love to help you get started on the road to having a St. Marys home that is free of problem pests!

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