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McDonald GA Pest Control Services

Located in Bradley County, TN, McDonald is a small, quiet, close-knit community. It is known for being home to the Tri-State Exhibition Center which hosts major horse shows and other exciting events. The mild weather and rural location of McDonald make it the perfect place for pests like insects, spiders, and rodents to thrive. The pest control professionals here at Allgood Pest Solutions can help to control and eliminate pests living in McDonald through our trusted residential and commercial pest control programs. Let us help you keep your McDonald property free of nuisance, dangerous, and/or damaging pests!

McDonald, TN Home Pest Control

What is the best way to keep pests like pesky ants and spiders, damaging mice, and disease spreading roaches out of your home? Take precautionary measures in and around your home and put in place a professional year-round pest control program!

Pest prevention tips:

  • Trim back trees and shrubs from the exterior of your home.
  • Place a stone barrier between any grass or mulch and the foundation of your home.
  • Make sure that all outdoor trash cans have tight-fitting lids on them and place them a distance away from the outside of your home.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation and caulk gaps around exterior doors and windows.
  • Place gardens and woodpiles a distance away from the exterior of your home.
  • Reduce areas of moisture by maintaining your home’s gutters, installing air conditioners and dehumidifiers, and fix leaky or dripping pipes or fixtures.

In addition to the above prevention measures our home pest control programs will work to keep pests out of your McDonald home all year-long. Our most comprehensive program is our Pest Free Total program; it includes year-round pest control services, rodent control and monitoring, termite control, and seasonal fire ant and mosquito reduction services. By working together we can ensure that your home will become and stay pest free!

Protect Your McDonald, TN Home From Termites

The simple truth is that termites are a pest that cannot be taken care of with DIY treatments. They are highly invasive, cause major structural damage, and can only be eliminated and controlled through professional treatment methods. Let the termite control professionals at Allgood Pest Solutions protect your home from termites through our highly effective termite control services, which begin with a thorough termite inspection. If termite activity is discovered on your McDonald property, we will discuss our findings with you and recommend a plan of action.
At Allgood Pest Solutions, we believe in the effectiveness of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ is very eco-friendly, non-invasive, and begins working to kill every member of the colony, including the queen, as soon as it is installed. And the best part about this system is that it doesn’t just eliminate current termite problems, but stays in place to form your on-going termite protection program!

Commercial Pest Solutions In McDonald, TN

Allgood Pest Solutions has been committed to keeping businesses free of pests for over 40 years. Business owners trust us because we provide effective pest control programs that are safe and effective and that utilize the principles of Integrated Pest Management to help anticipate and prevent a wide variety of pest issues. Whether you own or manage a motel, hotel, hospital, daycare, school, food warehouses, or food processing plant, you can trust our highly trained and dedicated technicians to handle any pest problem that threatens the reputation of your business.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians provide our commercial customers with the following:

  • A thorough inspection of your property.
  • Documentation noting conditions in your facility that are harboring pests or allowing pests inside.
  • An environmentally responsible treatment option.
  • A thorough understanding of regulations, standards, and the unique challenges of commercial industries.

How To Avoid Bed Bugs In McDonald, TN

Bed bugs are a tricky pest to avoid; they can be found hanging out in many public places (libraries, movie theaters, hotels, dormitories, airports) just waiting for a new host to happen to come along that they can hitch a ride on. The professionals at Allgood want to remind you that while bed bugs may be a difficult pest to avoid, by taking certain precautions, you can help to limit the chances that these pests will make their way into your McDonald property.

Bed Bug prevention tips include:

  • When traveling or spending time in public places, do not place coats, bags, or purses on the ground.
  • Inspect your hotel room for bed bugs before bringing your luggage into it.
  • Keep luggage up off the floor of hotel rooms.
  • After returning home, wash all clothing immediately in hot water; thoroughly clean out all suitcases and inspect them before storing.
  • Routinely wash coats and outerwear.
  • Try not to introduce used furniture, mattresses, or clothing into your home.

In addition to taking precautions to avoid bed bugs, it is important to schedule regular bed bug inspections for your home. Regular bed bug inspections help to catch bed bug infestations in their beginning stages when their numbers are small and treatment is easier to complete. If after an inspection is completed bed bugs are discovered, we will quickly develop a treatment plan that is specific to your property’s unique needs using conventional treatment applications and heat treatment. Avoid bed bugs in your McDonald home with the help of Allgood Pest Solutions!

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