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Lake City TN Pest Control Services

Pest control for your Lake City property is very important because pests can damage its structural integrity by chewing through wood, pipes, drywall, and insulation. Pests can destroy personal property by chewing through clothing, pictures, books, furniture; and some can introduce serious diseases. Lake City is a small eastern Tennessee city, where people take great pride in the homes that they have created; help to protect your home from pests with the help of the professionals at Allgood Pest Solutions. We have a wide variety of pest control services to meet the needs of any Lake City homeowner. Whether you live in an older Lake City home, a new construction home, a large home, or a small home, we can protect it from the insects, rodents, and more that also call Lake City home.

Lake City, TN Home Pest Control

Eastern Tennessee is home to many pests and its warmer, southern climate allows pests to stay active throughout much of the year. Pests like mice, ants, spiders, centipedes, box elder bugs, and others commonly take any opportunity to invade Lake City homes. At Allgood, we understand that each home and homeowner has their own unique needs and that pest control is not a one size fits all type of business. To suit the needs of any customer, we provide three options for year-round pest control for our customers to choose from.

  • Pest Free program– This is our basic program and includes year-round pest control along with rodent control and monitoring services.
  • Pest Free Plus program– This program is more inclusive and provides our customers with year-round pest control, rodent control and monitoring services, and termite control services through the use of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.
  • Pest Free Total program– This is our most comprehensive program and includes year-round pest control services, rodent control and monitoring, termite control, seasonal fire ant reduction, and seasonal mosquito reduction services.

All of our programs provide customers with the guarantee that if pest problems arise with covered pests between visits, we will return at no charge to you

Commercial Pest Control in Lake City, Tennessee

As a Lake City business owner you know how important it is to ensure that your business’s reputation remains positive within the community that you serve. One way that Allgood can help to maintain your business’s positive reputation is to provide you with commercial pest control services.

Allgood Pest Solutions has over 40 years of experience providing commercial pest control services and is one of the most trusted commercial pest control providers in the southeast. All of our pest control programs are very effective and environmentally friendly; treatments are performed by our highly competent technicians who understand the intricate ins and outs of commercial pest control services. We are able to provide services to a wide variety of businesses including hotels, motels, schools, hospitals, daycares, warehouses, food processing plants, and more.

Contact us today to see how Allgood can help your Lake City business become and stay pest free!

Termite Control in Lake City, TN

If termites invade your home, it is something that needs to be taken care of quickly and professionally. Only professionals have the experience, products, and equipment needed to completely eliminate every member of the colony; and complete elimination is the only way to prevent a re-infestation. Termites are active year-round in Tennessee; this means that a proactive approach for your Lake City home is your best defense against termites.

The first step in protecting your home is to schedule routine inspections by our experienced termite inspectors. If termite activity is ever discovered, we can quickly provide treatment through the installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

Sentricon® with Always Active™ works by installing non-invasive bait station around your property. The bait contained in those stations is highly attractive to termites, who will feed on and distribute it back to the rest of the colony. The ingredients in the bait work to disrupt growth and stop reproduction, effectively killing all colony members. The bait stations then remain in place and are monitored by our professionals to prevent future termites from choosing your property to feed on.

Contact Allgood for Quality Pest Control in Lake City, TN

Allgood Pest Solutions is a company that believes in providing its customers with the absolute best customer service possible. We want you to be completely satisfied with the pest control services we provide to you; and if you are not satisfied, we will come back and make it right for you!

At Allgood, we only use the safest and most effective products to treat, eliminate, and control pests inside homes and businesses. Our employees are highly trained, trustworthy, experienced, and friendly; all of our employees work together as a team to provide top-notch services to all of our customers! We take the time look at each residential or commercial property and customize our pest control services to meet its exact needs. Find out today why so many people in Tennessee trust Allgood Pest Solutions with all of their pest control needs!

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