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Griffin, GA
Pest Control Services

Griffin, Georgia is a thriving suburb of Atlanta and a great place to call home. Unfortunately, insects, rodents and wildlife also find this community attractive. At Allgood Pest Solutions, our job is to protect people and property from nuisance and potentially damaging pests that infest homes and businesses in the area. When you need local pest control service, you can count on us; Allgood Pest Solutions.

Allgood Pest Solutions 
2974 N Expy
Griffin, GA 30223



Proudly Serving Griffin and the Surrounding Areas:


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Blog Posts Related to Griffin, GA


September 4, 2017

Overwintering House Pests

Ironically many of the bugs that will be looking for a warm home to hunker down in for the winter months aren’t even native to The Peach State.  Stink bugs, Asian lady beetles, kudzu bugs, and boxelder bugs are a few of the pests… Learn More

griffin pest control technician jr jackson

Meet A Tech

JR Jackson
Pest Control Supervisor

My name is JR and I'm a Pest Control Tech and have been with Allgood for a little over 8 years now. I've recently been promoted to Pest Control Supervisor.

I love how Allgood treats us like we are family and that I get to interact with all kinds of people.

My favorite pest is the ant.  They are fascinating because they are so advanced in the way they communicate with each other and how each ant has a different role in the colony.

In my life outside of Allgood, I have a beautiful wife and two kids Coltyn who is 7 and Brysyn who is 3. In the spring and summer months, we enjoy taking family trips and in the fall months, we enjoy watching Coltyn play football.

griffin ga pest control tech inspecting a home

Home Pest Control Services Target Spiders, Mice & Roaches

When you partner with Allgood Pest Solutions for home pest control you can rest easy knowing your home and family are protected from spiders, mice, and roaches as well as from 80+ house infesting pests.  We understand every home is different and that the pest control needs vary.  That’s why we offer three levels of pest protection.  Click here to learn more about the home pest control programs and find one that suits your needs. 

trapped raccoon in a griffin yard

Wildlife Removal In Griffin GA

Squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife in or around your home are more than annoying they are dangerous to human health and destructive to property.  If you’ve discovered squirrels in your attic or another wildlife problem, call our family owned pest control company for relief.  We’ll identify the critters causing the problem(s) and then develop a plan of action to take care of the issue.  Typically we remove wildlife using live traps that cause no harm to the animals and follow up with exclusion services to prevent wildlife from coming back.  For more information, please visit our wildlife management page.

griffin pest control tech spraying for mosquitoes

Relief For Whatever's Bugging You In Griffin

In addition to our home pest control and wildlife management, Allgood Pest Solutions also offers the following pest control solutions:

  • Fire ant treatments

  • Bed bug control

  • Rodent control

  • Mosquito management

  • Commercial pest control

Let our family protect what matters to you, contact us today!

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