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Duluth, GA
Pest Control Services

Duluth, Georgia is a place where families and businesses thrive. Of course, where there are people, you will also find pests. At Allgood Pest Solutions, we realize insects and rodents are more than a nuisance, they are a threat. For decades, our main concern has been the protection of our client’s health and property. And, with an office right here in Duluth, we offer this community local, comprehensive pest control services for both homes and businesses.

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September 4, 2017

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duluth pest control tech john ibaugh

Meet A Tech

John Ibaugh
Operations Manager

My name is John and I've been with Allgood 13 years, current as the Operations Manager in Forsyth. While at Allgood, I've obtained certifications for Household Pest Control (HPC); Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO); Mosquito (MQ).

I like working for Allgood because the focus is on the customers, both internal and external.

Over the years, I've developed a love for cowkillers. They are by far my favorite pest (also the name of my Fantasy baseball team).

Outside of work, I've been married 27 years to Barbara.  We have no kids, but lots of nieces, nephews and great nieces, great nephews we have to have lots of family gatherings with.  I also love to read, listen to music of all kinds, and the beach.

duluth pest control technician inspecting a home

How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Duluth Home

It was Benjamin Franklin who wrote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Though he was addressing fire safety, the sentiment is true for pest control.  At Allgood Pest Solutions, we encourage homeowners to eliminate conditions that attract pests in the first place.  We've rounded up a few of our pest prevention tips here to help.

  • Store nonperishable foods in sealed containers.

  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight or for any length of time.

  • Keep the kitchen (and other rooms) clean and crumb-free.

  • Keep counters free of sugars by wiping them down on a regular basis.

  • Do not leave pet food or water containers out overnight.

  • Make sure all outside entryways are well-sealed, with no cracks for light or air (or pests) to come in.

  • Replace or clean air filters on a regular basis, and make sure thermostats are adjusted properly to prevent condensation from attracting pests.

  • Don't stack firewood in the garage.  It brings pest populations into the house and provides a comfortable home for them.

  • Partner with Allgood Pest Solutions, and enjoy year round pest protection with our home pest control services

termite control tech in duluth ga

Termite Control In Duluth GA

Homes in Duluth and the Southeast are a target for termites.  In fact, the region is ranked among the highest in termite infestation probability in the United States.  At Allgood Pest Solutions, we understand the threat termites pose to structures and our objective is to control termite activity.  We also know that to stop termites, we must kill the queen.  That's why we use the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.  The Sentricon® System attracts termites on your property with a bait that has been proven to be more desirable to termites than wood.  Once ingested, the bait takes away their ability to eat, survive or breed.  The result is the complete elimination of the termite colony, including the queen. Click here to learn more about our termite control services.  

duluth pest control technician spraying for fire ants

Fire Ant Treatments

Fire ants can be found in your backyard, front yard and around your outdoor electrical equipment.  Unfortunately, these pests make it hard to enjoy time spent outdoors.  Here at Allgood, we use  two effective fire ant treatments. TopChoice to extinguish fire ant problems. Available only through pest control and lawn care professionals, this fire ant treatment works far better than the current bait products that are applied after you see the mound, but if mounds do exist, Advion is applied around each visible mound twice per year, typically in the spring and fall. Along with helping get rid of existing fire ant mounds,  it can be helpful in preventing future infestations so you can have more time outside with your family.

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