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Fire Ant Control

Fire ants have earned a reputation as a vicious and stubborn pest

If disturbed, these active and aggressive pests will attack in mass, each insect stinging repeatedly and injecting venom every time. Fire ants can maim and even kill animals and humans. Fire ants can make a home anywhere in your yard and wreak havoc on barbecues or outdoor adventures.

Today, they infest more than 260 million acres in the southern United States and the problem is spreading. More than 40 million people live in fire ant-infested areas in the southeastern United States, and between 30 and 60 percent of those living in fire ant-infested areas are stung each year. One mound, typically about 2 feet in diameter and 7 inches high, can contain more than 200,000 ants. While they are most often found outdoors, fire ants can also gain access to your home through ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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Enjoy your yard without fire ants ruining your fun!

How We Treat For Fire Ants

Allgood recommends Advion fire ant baits or gels and TopChoice®, which is available only through pest control and lawn care professionals.  Our program not only takes care of existing mounds, it can help prevent future infestations.

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Fast-Acting Advion Fire Ant Bait

After a thorough inspection of your property to confirm the presence of fire ants and fire ant mounds,  our professionals may recommend Advion Fire Ant gels or baits.  These  fast-acting fire ant treatments often work in as little as 72 hours and are an effective choice among many pest control professionals. Advion is just as effective as our other fire ant treatments and our pest control technician will help determine which treatment is the right choice for your home and family. For more information on our fire ant control services, please give us a call or you can use our convenient online form

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How TopChoice® Works

TopChoice® is applied into the top few inches of soil where it provides a protective contact zone against fire ants. This ensures contact with the active ingredient. Since the active ingredient does not stay on the soil surface, fire ants will come in contact with it when trying to enter treated areas, thus preventing them from establishing new mounds in the treated areas for up to a year! There are no concerns about family or pets when the product is applied by one of our professionals. Contact Allgood today to learn more or to schedule your free inspection!

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