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Commercial Fumigations

Serving Georgia & Tennessee

Allgood Pest Solutions provides commercial fumigation services to Atlanta GA & Knoxville TN and surrounding areas Though we strive to use only the most environmentally friendly pest management techniques and materials, for certain hard-to-eliminate pests, we offer commercial fumigation services. These gases are used when other forms of control are impractical and when whole structures and installations are being treated, such as in ships, aircraft, and grain silos. Each of these structures can be sealed or enclosed in a gastight membrane, thereby containing and concentrating the phosphine fumes. Fumigants are also applied directly to rodent burrows if other rodent control measures are not successful.

In a perfect world, all pest control could be done through prevention: a termite pre-treatment would be done in every building! But prevention isn’t always possible, and if you have a termite infestation, you need an effective and fast way to treat your building and get back to business. Allgood Pest Solutions is committed to protecting your building from termites and other pests.

What Does Commercial Fumigation Involve?

If your pest infestation has expanded beyond simple methods of control, we’ll evaluate your building for a commercial fumigation. We’ll completely seal your building within a large tent, and circulate gas through the property. The gas can penetrate walls, insulation, and deep into other areas where the pests are living, completely eliminating the threat.

Preparing for a Commercial Fumigation

Fumigations typically last three days, although depending on the extent of the infestation, that time may be shortened or lengthened. Preparation can vary, depending on your specific industry, and any goods that are stored within your warehouse or commercial building.

Here are some basic preparation steps that you can take to protect your property before fumigation:

  • Before fumigation begins, you will want to make arrangements to have all people, pets, and plants removed from the building.
  • All foods and medicines need to be either removed or sealed in airtight containers; we will advise you as to what type of containers will be safe.
  • Outside of the building, any plants, fences, antennas, or other objects that could obstruct the tent must be removed in order to provide access.
  • We’ll post warning signs on the tent and around the property itself.

Common Pests Treated by Commercial Fumigation

Allgood Pest Solutions has decades of experience treating commercial buildings by fumigation. Here are the most common pests that we treat for with fumigations:

  • Bed bugs
  • Termites
  • Roaches
  • Rodents
  • Fleas
  • Ticks

These pests are all invasive and have the ability to breed very quickly. It’s what makes these pests in particular difficult to get rid of with other pest control methods, especially if an infestation has expanded beyond a certain point.

Choosing an Experienced Fumigator

Allgood Pest Solutions specializes in large and commercial pest control treatments. When you choose Allgood Pest Solutions for your commercial fumigation services, you’re working with professionals that understand the most effective pest control techniques, and who have the experience necessary to completely eliminate your pest problem.

Fumigation can be very effective at addressing severe and widespread infestations throughout your property. We always recommend additional exclusion and treatment techniques along with the fumigation, to fully protect your property and prevent future problems. Give Allgood Pest Solutions a call today–we’ll work with you to determine the best fumigation plan for your property!

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