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Why Silverfish Enter Our Homes

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The answer to this question is simply that they can. But, no pest control question ever has a simple answer. Let’s break this down into three parts and see if we can get some insight into the insect known as the silverfish.

If you have silverfish in your home, it is because they had a reason to be on the outside of your home. Silverfish prefer to be in locations that are moist and dark. Here are a few conditions that could have lured silverfish in.

  • A broken or obstructed gutter that is allowing water to collect near your home.
  • Excessive shade that keeps rainwater from drying in the soil.
  • Piles of organic debris like leaves, sticks, or wood.
  • Objects that lay on the ground and prevent sunlight from getting through, like a sheet of particle board or a tarp.
  • Lots of plants. While silverfish don’t eat plants, they eat bugs that eat plants.
  • A deck, porch, or patio with a dirt space underneath.

If you have silverfish in your home, it is because your home has holes, in particular, holes that have been created by moisture damage. When water collects near a home, it often leads to wood rot, and rotting wood is very attractive to silverfish. If you’re seeing silverfish, it is time to do an inspection of your home and see if it is being damaged by water.

If you have silverfish in your home, it is likely that your home has moisture. Silverfish don’t just like moisture on the outside of a home. When they get in, they look for places of high humidity or moisture within your walls. For this reason, installing dehumidifiers and fans is a good way to resist silverfish.

Along with this question is a second question that should also be addressed. Why do silverfish stay in our homes? This is because silverfish can find lots of food inside human dwellings. They feed on things in our pantries. They feed on our wallpaper. They feed on books, clothing, tapestries, and curtains. They’ll even make a meal out of dead bugs inside our wall voids. Your home is a veritable buffet for silverfish. So, eliminating food sources is not an effective way to manage these bugs.

What works to manage silverfish? Ongoing pest control from a trained and certified professional. A pest control professional will create a barrier and strengthen areas in your exterior walls that are vulnerable.

If you have more questions about silverfish, or you’d like to set up service for your Tennessee home, let Allgood Pest Solutions help. We offer one-time pest control and year-round pest service that works to keep silverfish out. When silverfish are all gone, it’s Allgood Pest Solutions.

Why Silverfish Enter Our Homes in Atlanta & Knoxville Metros and Surrounding Areas

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