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Termites Invading Atlanta Homes | Allgood Pest Solutions

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Here in Atlanta, you can count on a few things happening each year: tailgating at the Georgia Dome, trolleys taking tourists to the Fox Theatre and Margaret Mitchell’s house, and termites doing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes all across the city. Termites are not to be taken lightly. These tiny pests have wreaked havoc across the globe on unsuspecting homes and businesses costing billions in repairs.

For most of us, our home is the single largest investment we will ever make. The last thing we need after we purchase our dream home is to find ourselves with repair bills that we were not prepared for and cannot afford.

We do not live in a climate where you can count on winter’s cold to alleviate the risk of getting termites or other pests. Without the cold temperatures, there is no need for them to slow down or hide deep in the ground to wait for a thaw which means that we are at risk for pests all year long. The close proximity of buildings through much of the city means that every dwelling could be at risk.

As termites reproduce, they are preparing for future kings and queens to establish new colonies nearby. When the colony is big enough, termites create a swarm of winged termites to find their way to their new home. That could mean a new colony establishing in different parts of the same structure or in another nearby tree or building.

If you have termites, chances are you will never see one. These bugs live inside your walls and beams doing nothing but eating their way through your home. Termites eat cellulose, an organic compound found in wood, paper, books, cardboard, drywall, and any other plant based product in your home, including furniture. We all have busy lives, and a lot of damage can be done while we are paying attention to other things. You may not notice for months or even years; until one day, you look up and notice something that looks like water damage, buckling wood, tiny tunnels in wooden beams or furniture, or even a sagging ceiling, which can be signs of termite damage.

The good news is; this doesn’t have to be your home. You don’t have to wait until the damage has been done to call Allgood Pest Solutions. Allgood Pest Solutions offers you year-round protection from termites and other pests. Give us a call and our certified technicians will be at your door to do a free inspection. If we find that your home already has pests, we will work with you to eliminate the problem and set you up for monthly treatment to keep your home pest-free.

Termites Invading Atlanta Homes | Allgood Pest Solutions in Atlanta & Knoxville Metros and Surrounding Areas

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