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Stink Bug Prevention Tips That Work

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Are you familiar with the Asian-imported pest known as the stink bug? If you saw a stink bug, would you know it? If so, you’re on your way to preventing these irritating and stinky pests from getting into your home. Identification is a vital, first step in proper pest control. But the second step is equally as vital. Once you know what bug you have, you need to take the appropriate action to arrest your issue.

If you look up stink bug prevention on the internet, you’ll get a lot of opinions about how to control these pests. Everyone is a bug expert. But, there are actually only a few things that work to prevent stink bugs.

As you determine your strategy for controlling your stinky intruders, what you need to know first is that capture and release isn’t stink bug prevention. If you’re sucking them up with your vacuum, capturing them with a cup and a hard piece of paper, using sticky traps or some other kind of trap, sweeping them up and flushing them down the toilet, or any number of other removal strategies, you might be winning the battle but you’re not winning the war. Prevention starts on the outside of your home. Once you have your barrier in place, then you can use these methods to get rid of the stink bugs that are left in your home.

In fall, stink bugs go from being a crop pest to being a residential pest. This is because they are looking for a place to hide from the coming winter cold. When they come to explore your exterior walls for a place to hide, it is important that you don’t give them one.

  • Examine and repair all door and window screens.
  • Inspect around doors and windows for tiny gaps that can be used as entry points.
  • If you have any rotted holes in your home, use a caulking gun to fill them in.
  • Look for gaps around frames, pipes, and conduit and seal things up.
  • If you have a chimney running down the side of your home, it is important to seal any gap that is forming between the chimney and your home.
  • Examine your roofline and seal it up.
  • Weather stripping on sliding glass doors is an ideal entry point. Make sure your weather stripping is in good condition.

Once your exterior walls and foundation are sealed, and once you’ve sucked up all the stink bugs in your home, you might be all set. This may be enough to protect you if you only have a few stink bugs trying to get in, or if your home is new. But, if stink bugs continue to get in, you’ll need to get a professional pest control company to create a chemical barrier and bolster vulnerable areas. Check to see if you’re in our extensive service area. We’ll help you make sure your barrier is complete.

Stink Bug Prevention Tips That Work in Atlanta & Knoxville Metros and Surrounding Areas

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