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Preparing For Fall Pests in Knoxville | Allgood Pest Solutions

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Summer is coming to an end, and it won’t be long until the temperatures start to drop. It happens every year. But, when those temperatures drop, something else happens. Bugs and animals will start to hide from the cold. This process is called overwintering; but long before this happens, your Knoxville home should be ready for the invasion.

There are many creatures, both big and small, that will try to make your house their winter home. Some repeat offenders here in Knoxville include mice, rats, cockroaches, stinging insects, ants, and spiders. While the habits and habitats of these creatures vary considerably, they can all be deterred by the following preventive steps.

Fall Prevention Tips from the National Pest Management Association

  • Make sure all door and window screens are in good working condition and that no holes are present. Screens are your first line of defense against overwintering pests.

  • Make sure all door sweeps and weather stripping have a good seal. There are many pests that can squeeze through tiny holes. Look for damaged bristles and fix the damage.

  • Eliminate moisture sites. If you have leaking pipes or clogged drains, your home will be attractive to moisture-seeking pests, which include termites.

  • Apply screening to attic vents and openings to chimneys. You may also consider a chimney cap.

  • Be sure to get air tight containers for all outside trash cans. The smell of trash is an attractant for many overwintering pests; and if your trash lures flying insects in, those insects will lure in the spiders that feed on them.

  • Do a detailed inspection of exterior walls. Fill gaps, cracks, and holes with steel wool or seal them using a caulking gun. Pay particular attention to where utility pipes enter the home.

  • Put steel wool in downspouts to prevent rodents from crawling up and gaining access to your vulnerable roofline.

  • Replace loose mortar on basement foundations and around basement windows.

  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from your exterior walls.

  • Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed.

Winter isn’t quite here yet, but now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for the inevitable invasion that happens every year.

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