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Do you live in Atlanta? How bad do you think the mosquitoes are? They’re pretty bad, aren’t they? But are they worse than any other area of the country? How would you know? You can’t exactly count them. They’re everywhere. Well, thanks to a competitor, we finally have the answer. And the way they figured it out is quite clever.

According to this article when the company that shall remain nameless set out to determine the 20 worst mosquito-infested cities in the United States, they didn’t do it based on a head count of every mosquito. They chose instead to base their list on the number of calls received nationwide for mosquito control. It makes sense. The more people who come to the point where they are willing to spend their hard-earned money to get rid of a pest, the more of that pest there must be. So, what city hit the top of their list? That’s right. Atlanta.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “I knew it!” because where you are in Atlanta, the mosquitoes are out of control. But I guarantee there is a group of you who live in Atlanta and think the mosquitoes are no worse than anywhere else. There is a good reason for this. Atlanta may have the worst mosquito problem in the country, but residents are doing something about it. They have the most mosquito control calls out of all the other cities in the country. If you were thinking, “I live in Atlanta and the mosquitoes aren’t so bad.” It may be that you live in a community where your neighbors are fighting mosquitoes.

Here’s how mosquito control works:

A typical mosquito will not travel more than 300 yards in its lifetime. That means that if it were possible to create a 300-yard barrier of mosquito resistant yards, all around the city it would be possible to keep most mosquitoes out. But a complete buffer is hard to accomplish because every business and every home would have to have mosquito control. The good news is, the barrier doesn’t have to be complete. Every property owner who chooses to invest in mosquito control adds to an intricate maze that mosquitoes have to navigate in order to get to the center of the city. With every home or business that adds mosquito control, Atlanta becomes less infested with mosquitoes.

The truth is we all have busy lives and we simply don’t have time for the annoyance of mosquitoes. Here at Allgood Pest Solutions, we are a locally owned and operated pest control company that provides mosquito control in Atlanta and has for decades. We know this city and we know how to protect its residents against annoying and potentially dangerous mosquitoes. Contact us today to learn more.


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