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Meet Bill Morrison | Allgood Pest Solutions

 In Employee Bio, Termites
Our most important asset here at Allgood Pest Solutions is our people. They are the faces you meet, and the ones who represent our company and our name. They are the ones you trust to safely rid your homes and businesses of unwanted pests, and we take that very seriously. It is our top priority to make sure that all of our partners are deserving of the trust you have placed in them and in us which is why we screen our prospective team members thoroughly before hiring them with a stringent background check and drug testing. We check references and double check their past experience and past training. The men and women that make it into the Allgood Pest Solutions uniforms are the best and the brightest, and we continue to pour into them by offering plenty of opportunities for continuing education and training to ensure that they remain on the cutting edge of the pest control industry and to ensure that there is always room for them to advance within our ranks. Our focus on hiring the ‘cream of the crop’ is one of the ways we make sure that you are receiving the best and safest pest control services available.
This is also why we are so excited each month when it comes time to introduce you to another member of the Allgood Pest Solutions team. To us, they are more than just an employee; they become a part of our extended family – and we are so proud of them and the hard work they do to ensure that each one of our valued clients is safe from the harmful and damaging effects of pests.
This month, we want you to meet Bill Morrison. Bill is just one example of those that make it past our stringent hiring practices to become a member of the Allgood Pest Solutions family. He has been a valued member of our team serving you as a termite inspector/technician since 2013. And, as it would just so happen, Bill’s favorite pest is the termite! He is intrigued by this elusive pest and is adept at discovering their secret lairs. Bill understands the habits and habitats of these most interesting and destructive pests and can spot the signs of their presence almost instinctively. His love for the ‘hunt’ when dealing with this pest is only surpassed by his love for people and for helping them solve their pest issues. Bill states that he, “Likes building relationships with customers, personally and professionally.”
When Bill is off duty, he can be found spending time with his beautiful Valentine’s Day bride of 29 years, Rose, and their three children – Barbara, Michael, and Logan.
If you would like to learn more about how you can apply to become a trusted and valued member of the Allgood Pest Solutions family like Bill, simply give us a call or stop by one of our offices today.

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