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There is nothing quite as annoying as when fruit flies greet you in the morning while you are trying to brew your first cup of coffee. These tiny pests fly around your face and attempt to dive bomb your filter as you spoon in your grinds and accidentally stick to the jelly on your English muffin that you had planned to eat with your cup of joe. These flying menaces seem to magically appear out of nowhere, and they seem to disappear as mysteriously as soon as all food sources are gone. So what, exactly, is the deal with these tenacious flying pests? Where DO they come from and where do they disappear to? Well, you have come to the right place for the 411 on fruit flies.

Fruit flies are tiny, gray insects that measure a mere 1/8” in length. They have 6 legs and large, bright red eyes; a feature that you are not likely to notice unless you put them under a microscope or magnifying glass, however. These fast growing pests have a life span of approximately 6 weeks when conditions are favorable and can reproduce and lay up to 400 eggs during that time. The eggs will hatch within 12 to 15 hours and will soon add to your fruit fly misery.

Fruit flies thrive near drains where they can find rotting organic matter from the crumbs and scraps that inevitably get flushed down. They also prefer trash cans, fresh and rotting produce, and other moist organic materials that they find around the kitchen. Fruit flies are at their height during late summer and early fall. They can enter your home through broken screen or through cracks and crevices around doors, windows, vents, and foundations; but they typically come in on fruits and vegetables that you buy from the store or farmers market that have the microscopic eggs on them.

It is difficult to prevent fruit flies from invading your home. It is important to inspect fruit and vegetables for signs of fruit flies before you purchase them. Wash produce as soon as possible and store it inside the refrigerator rather than on counters and tables. Use screens over drains to capture falling crumbs and scraps and clean them out often.

Even with your best preventative measures, fruit flies can still find a way to invade your Chattanooga home. The very best way to keep this from happening is to implement a year-round pest prevention plan from Allgood Pest Solutions. Our year-round Pest Free, Pest Free Plus, and Pest Free Total residential pest control plans cover fruit flies, rodents, bed bugs, fleas, and many other common household pests. To learn more about our effective services for homes including mosquito control services, fire ant reduction services, and our Pest Free packages, simply contact us today.

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