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Do you have ants in your Tennessee home? | Allgood Pest Solutions

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It is not always easy to tell if your home has been invaded by ants. You would notice the obvious little black ants that turn your sugar bowl into their dinner plate or the sting of the fire ants in your back yard, but you could be harboring ants in the depths of your home and not even know it. Carpenter ants are one of the most destructive creatures to dwell in your walls, and if left unchecked, can chew away at the sills, studs and casings that support your home causing its structural integrity to fail.

You should inspect your home for signs of ants on a regular basis in order to catch these unwanted guests before their damage becomes severe – costing you time and money. Carpenter ants swarm in late winter to early spring and can be observed between sunset and midnight in the spring and summer. Look for small piles of sawdust or wood shavings which would indicate the presence of worker ants indoors. Also, the reproductive ants are winged, so look for piles of wings in sinks, tubs or along window sills. Make sure to check for any of these signs along foundations, outside walls, basements, around plumbing and vent entrances, and anywhere firewood is stored. Truly, inspection alone is not enough. There are steps you can take to prevent these creatures from finding your home an attractive new stomping ground. They include:

  • Trim overhanging branches from roof and eaves

  • Prune branches that touch electrical lines or wires connected to your house

  • Remove tree and shrub stumps and roots

  • Replace moisture damaged wood

  • Eliminate high moisture areas around your home

  • Elevate wood piles and store at least 20 feet away from buildings

Being diligent to follow these guidelines will help; but in the event that ants find your home too cozy to pass up – it’s time to call a professional like the pro’s here at Allgood Pest Solutions. Why call a professional, you ask? Well, ants are very social insects that live in colonies that can number in the millions. Because ants can communicate well, they warn each other of danger which makes over-the-counter DIY sprays mostly ineffective -killing only a few hundred before word gets out warning others to stay away. Besides, these colonies are often inaccessible deep underground, in walls, or under pavement. If you don’t eliminate the entire colony, they will repopulate in a very short amount of time. Allgood Pest Solutions Tennessee is family owned and operated with decades of experience. We are Quality Pro certified and are listed in the top 25 pest control companies in the country! You can trust our trained professionals to eliminate your pest control issues.

Do you have ants in your Tennessee home? | Allgood Pest Solutions in Atlanta & Knoxville Metros and Surrounding Areas

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