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You’re not likely to see a headline like this in the Chattanooga Times Free Press or as a title for a news story on WRCB, for two very good reasons. First of all, bed bugs don’t “invade” our homes like other bugs. They usually come in as a couple of bugs, or a batch of eggs, and silently build their population over the course of a few months. While this is certainly invasive, can it really be called an invasion? Isn’t one of the characteristics of an invasion the fact that there is a large number of intruders? The second reason is that you can’t invade something you already occupy. Bed bugs are already here. And, they can be found in mass numbers. If there was an invasion, it happened long ago.

Here is a list of new headings you will see about bed bugs:

  • Nashville One of Worst in the Nation for Bed Bugs.

  • Knoxville Ranked in Top 50 Worst Cities for Bed Bugs.

  • Dogs Sniff Out Growing Bed Bug Problem.

  • Woman Claims She Was Bitten by Bed Bugs.

  • Local Hotels Turn up on Bed Bug Registry.

  • Tenants Battle Bed Bugs.

  • Furniture Rental Could Possibly Lead to Bed Bugs.

  • Residents Say Apartments Need to be Treated for Bed Bugs.

  • Homeowners Seeing Rise in Bed Bug Problem.

Bed bugs are definitely a problem in Tennessee, and it is a problem that is growing. But it doesn’t have to. Greater public awareness, proper identification, cursory inspections, and proactive pest control can stop this epidemic and reverse the tide.

Public Awareness

These are hitchhiking bugs. They rely on humans to transport them. The more the general public understands how these bugs spread, the better we will be at preventing the spread. Pest control companies are working diligently with national pest management organizations to get the word out, but to effectively win this battle it is important for home and business owners to get involved sharing information about bed bugs.

Proper Identification

Recognizing these bugs when we see them can go a long way in keeping them from riding home with us inside our bags and clothing. Take a few minutes to find out what bed bugs look like in all their stages of development. It could save you from an infestation and help to stop the spread of these bugs to others.

Cursory Inspections

Inspecting for bed bugs whenever we stay anywhere can not only prevent these pests from ruining a vacation, it can keep them from riding back home with us. Learn how to inspect for bed bugs when traveling.

Proactive Pest Control

These are bugs that can be effectively controlled and eradicated. If they are dealt with immediately when discovered, we will begin to win this war.

If you need help protecting your home or business from bed bugs, Allgood Pest Solutions has the experience, education, and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done fast and thoroughly. Together, we can turn the tide of this ongoing invasion, and make Tennessee a safer place for all of us to live.

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