Daddy Long Legs / Harvestmen

Characteristics: One segmented body that is oval in shape. Eight long legs. Habits:

  •  They have eight long “wiggly” legs; the second pair of legs [...]

Stink Bugs

Characteristics: Mottled grayish-brown color. Triangular shaped plate on their backs. Habits:

  • Stink bugs are named appropriately because of the [...]


Actual Size: 6-7" long, including the tail. Characteristics: Short and stocky, large front feet with rounded large claws. Brownish black velvety fur and a [...]

Velvet Ants

Characteristics: Brightly colored, yellow/ brown or red/black. Covered in dense velvet-like hair. Habits:

  • Velvet ants are not actually ants, but [...]

Carpet Beetles

Actual Size:1/8″ to 3/16″ long. Characteristics: Variety of colors. Habits:

  • Carpet beetles feed on a variety of plant and [...]