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5 Pests That Affect Business | Allgood Pest Solutions

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No two businesses are the same. So, no article about commercial pests could possibly cover the top 5 pests that affect every business. But, we’ve done our best to put together a list that covers the most significant commercial pests that frustrate the largest number of businesses, and we’ve organized them from “inside” to “outside” pest.

Inside Your Kitchen, Break Room, or Food Storage Area

If you run a business that has anything to do with food, you are aware that cockroaches are on the top of the list of dirty pests that can contaminate food and food prep surfaces. These insects are also extremely hard to keep out. Cockroaches climb walls, walk across ceilings, and compact their bodies to squeeze under doors and through cracks.
Inside Your Shipping Area
There are many pests that can plague a shipping area, especially if that shipping area ships containers of food. But more and more businesses that don’t deal with food are having to deal with bed bugs. These are hitchhiking pests that come in on employees and transfer to shipped goods. Nothing can ruin the reputation of a business faster than shipping something that has a bed bug in it.
Inside Your Walls
If you own the building your business is held in, then you are probably aware that a termite infestation can be costly to repair. This is definitely not an expense you want to be surprised by. That is why termite protection is a vital part of every budget.
Just outside Your Walls
There are pests that don’t even have to come into your business to ruin your reputation or taint food. When birds nest and roost on ledges and wires, they can cause an unsightly mess, corrode concrete with their feces, and leave droppings on the sidewalks. Birds are also a threat to outside food prep areas. It is important to have deterrents installed to let those birds know they are not welcome.
On Your Property
If you have customers walking around on your property, or dining in outside eating areas, mosquitoes can be an issue. There is a lot of fear right now about Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses. While it is impossible to control mosquitoes completely, it is possible to reduce them and resist them. Businesses that do this, and let their customers know they are taking measures to do this, benefit from the goodwill it brings and have better customer retention.
If you’re dealing with commercial pests in Chattanooga, or somewhere else in our extensive service area of Tennessee and Georgia, let Allgood Pest Solutions offer you real solutions to protect your business from invasive pests.

5 Pests That Affect Business | Allgood Pest Solutions in Atlanta & Knoxville Metros and Surrounding Areas

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