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What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

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Identifying Bed Bug Bites - Allgood Pest Solutions in Atlanta GA and Knoxville TN areasWhen unexplainable bites appear, it makes sense to wonder if those bites are bed bug bites. The bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is a tormenting pest that can leave painful itchy welts on the skin. When they get into a home, they can mean misery for an entire family. When they get into a business, they can cause serious financial strain. So how can you know that those bites were caused by bed bugs? Here are a few characteristics that can help you figure this problem out.

Bed bug bites are often associated with a rash. If you have a significant, dark rash that has appeared around your bites, and it makes all the bites appear as one big, blotchy mess, you may have bed bug bites. But be aware that other bugs can cause rashes, and some skin conditions can be mistaken for insect bites. Sometimes it is a combination of these two factors. The carpet beetle, for instance, can cause a skin irritation that looks like bites, even though it is not an insect that bites people.

Bed bug bites are usually red welts on the skin, but not always. It is important to understand that bed bug bites don’t always look the same. They can appear different depending on skin type, allergy conditions, the age of the bed bug, how many times they have fed, and other factors. Sometimes bed bug bites appear flat and have a pale discoloration at the center. This can make it frustrating to figure out what insect is leaving those bites.

Bed bug bites usually follow a trail. Most insects bite once. Bed bugs are not one of them. For this reason, bed bug bites will sometimes appear in a line, and sometimes be in groups of three. Entomologist jokingly refer to these bites as breakfast, lunch, and supper. If your bites are random, it is much less likely that they are bed bug bites. Be aware, when examining bites, that multiple bed bugs feeding in one area can make bites look more like a cluster.

Bed bug bites are not puffy. When a mosquito bites, it will usually leave a bite wound that appears puffed up. While bed bug bites can have a bump to them, these bumps are more firm than puffy.

Bed bug bites sometimes have a scab at the center. These bites are extremely itchy. This can sometimes make bed bug bites look like flea bites–another itchy bite. But flea bites will usually be around the ankles, and flea bites will appear more random on the skin.

Bed bug bites sometimes have pustules. Though blistering and pustules are not a common occurrence with bed bug bites, they can appear in the center of a bite if there is a severe reaction to the anticoagulant administered by the bed bug. This will make the center look yellowish or tan.

Bed bug bites are usually on the neck, shoulders, arms, and upper body. While bites from these pests can appear anywhere on the skin, they are usually found on the upper body. This is likely due to the attraction of bed bugs to carbon dioxide. They are able to detect a rise of CO2 in a room. It is a trait that helps bed bugs feed without being caught or disturbed.

Bed bug bites sometimes don’t appear at all. When immature nymphs bite, the bites will be smaller, and there may not be a reaction to the anticoagulant that is administered. It can take some time, and multiple bite incidents, for an allergy to these bites to form. Bites can also grow more distinguishable over the course of a few days.

If you’re still not sure whether or not those bites are bed bug bites, and you’re in our extensive service area, reach out to us. The best way to deal with bugs is to have a pest professional help. We can help you figure out what bug is biting you–if any–and outline what treatment options and protective protocols will be most effective to arrest the issue.

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