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Our History


The Allgood Pest Solutions story dates back 75 years to the Tindol family patriarch, Rufus “Red” Tindol. After completing post-graduate studies in sanitary engineering and working for the Georgia Department of Public Health, Tindol was approached by the United States Army for his expertise. In 1943 Tindol assumed the role of a commanding officer of the Malaria Control Unit with the Army Corps in the South Pacific to battle mosquitoes as they were spreading malaria among the troops.

Following his time in the Pacific, Tindol returned to the mainland to conduct pest management schools at military bases across the Southeast. His military experience left such a lasting impression that Tindol decided to go into pest management full time and co-found Georgia Exterminating in 1945. As the years passed so did the family’s expansion into the pest control sector with Red’s sons (Bubba and Mike) and even grandsons working their way up through the industry.

Eventually, Chuck, Mike and Perry forged a partnership with Jimmy Allgood (Red’s nephew) to start Allgood Services of Atlanta in 1991. This paved the way for what everyone has come to know as Allgood Pest Solutions-one of the largest pest management companies in the nation.  In 2017, Allgood joined forces with Rentokil Steritech, a pest control business with operations throughout North America and internationally with the mission to protect people and enhance lives through our technical experts.

Today Allgood Pest Solutions continues the deep-rooted history of providing the safest, most effective pest control treatments in the industry. Our loyal customer base across the Southeast enjoy the very best in residential and commercial pest services. Rest assured when you hear our slogan, “When bugs are all gone, it’s Allgood” we mean it and you can count on pest-free living.

If you’re tired of dealing with pest infestations, join the thousands of customers who rely on Allgood for fast, effective pest control solutions.

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